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30 Mistakes Presenters Make

By September 18, 2017Uncategorized

Following on from last week’s post, I thought it might be useful to review some of the things presenters do that make life difficult for them. Avoid doing any of the stuff below and you’ll be less likely to be nervous when it comes to your presentation or screw things up! It’s a short, sharp list – please feel free to contact me if you want to delve deeper!

  1. Not prepared
  2. Over prepared
  3. Read overheads
  4. Small fonts on overheads
  5. Cutsey clip art
  6. Cover too many subjects
  7. Not knowledgeable on subject
  8. Irrelevant material (little or no useful information)
  9. Go over the head of the audience
  10. Don’t tailor material to the audience
  11. No theme
  12. No objective
  13. No fun
  14. Don’t get to know the audience (before and during)
  15. Don’t develop trust and respect
  16. Don’t check the room
  17. Don’t check the equipment
  18. Don’t have back-up
  19. No visuals/confusing visuals
  20. Speaking in a monotone
  21. No movement
  22. Insufficient interactivity
  23. Tell irrelevant, unfunny or politically incorrect jokes
  24. Discuss sex, religion, politics
  25. No eye contact with audience
  26. Don’t smile
  27. Mumbling
  28. Don’t provide enough breaks
  29. No flip chart paper and pens (that work)
  30. Insufficient hand-outs

Don’t let this list scare you off making a presentation – it’s all common-sense and every mistake is easy to avoid. Better forewarned than forearmed.