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My Clients

Who Hires Me To Write for Them?

Often it’s a secret; I have to be a ghost – that’s what it’s all about! But I can say that I have written for multi-billionaires, hugely successful business people, experts in a wide range of fields, thought-leaders, celebrities, life coaches, executive coaches, financial advisors, and the occasional eccentric personality. What they all have in common is a driving desire to share their big ideas and messages with the rest of the world.

Books build credibility and demonstrate knowledge and experience while humanizing the author to their readers. Readers who will become future clients and customers.

If you want to see samples of my work, those where I don’t have to remain a ‘ghost’, visit my portfolio.

Here is a list of the type of people and organizations I regularly work with.

Typical ghostwriting clients

  • Professionals
  • Highly successful business people
  • People with big ideas
  • Futurists
  • Industry leaders (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, etc.)
  • Politicians
  • Celebrities
  • Sport stars
  • Life coaches
  • Executive coaches
  • Individuals with a compelling story to tell
  • Towns, cities, regions, local authorities
  • Industry associations
  • Corporations