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What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, blog posts, etc., for another person who is named as, or presumed to be, the author.
The power of the written word is never more evident than in books written specifically to promote a person, company, product, or service. Whether you need a ghostwriter to help you write your memoir or require a book to explain and promote your philosophy, I can help. If you can imagine it – I can write it; if you can’t, my creative and innovative mind will work with you to develop something that works. I’ve helped authors with subjects as diverse as building trust to mutual fund investments and from a wartime memoir to the autobiography of a multi-billionaire Italian immigrant.
Using a ghostwriter to write articles and blog posts is a great way to ensure your blog or newsletter is up-to-date and relevant. A ghostwriter can save you enormous time and provide a professional feel to your publications.

Let me turn your words into magic on the page and dollars in your pocket.

I am a long-standing member of the Association of Ghostwriters, which is the leading professional organization for ghostwriters of books, articles, speeches, blogs and social media content. Members are experienced ghostwriters dedicated to providing high-quality content.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

  • Not everyone is a writer, or at least not a professional writer. Writing a book, for instance, requires much more than average writing skills to be readable, accessible, and a page-turner. Hiring a professional writer to turn your words into a publishable book makes sense.
  • Books take a great deal of time to write – several hundred hours – do you have that much time to dedicate to your book?
  • It’s not their first rodeo – experienced ghostwriters know how to structure a book professionally.
  • Blog posts and newsletter articles take time, time you may not have. They also need to be search engine friendly.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

A better question would be, how long is a piece of string?

Cost depends on many factors, including the length of the book or other piece of writing, and its complexity.

The bottom line is ghostwriters are not inexpensive, but they are an investment. I have one client (a professional) who invested $50,000 in writing, designing, and printing a book. As a result, he quadrupled the size of his business and sold more than 2,000 copies of the book at keynote speeches and lectures for $50 each. I’ll leave you to do the math, but as you can see, his investment paid off! I’m just about to start work on the third edition of his first book.

I can help you:

  • Conceptualize your idea for a book (or anything else) effectively and:
    • Build a table of contents that makes sense
    • Carry out research
    • Make your words come alive
    • Take your rough notes and turn them into a book, an article, or whatever you need
    • Produce a book that publishers will recognize as professionally written
  • Write blog posts and articles that:
    • Are exciting and unique to your organization
    • Promote your organization
    • Drive people to your website
    • Are search engine friendly
    • Stimulate interest in your products and services

In all cases they capture your story in your voice.

Who are typical ghostwriting clients?

  • Professionals
  • Individuals with a story to tell
  • Towns, cities, regions, local authorities
  • Industry associations
  • Corporations
  • Sports celebrities
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians

Beyond Ghostwriting

I am one of the only ghostwriters to offer a complete turnkey service that provides authors with everything from concept assistance, ghostwriting, editing, design, production, printing, and delivery of the finished book. My decades of experience as a publisher, author, and freelance author allow me a unique perspective on producing professional publications. Visit the Custom Publishing and Project Management page for more information.


Although some of my clients wish to be the sole author of their book, others look for a more collaborative relationship. I am happy to work with authors in a way that makes sense for them and the project.
Many of the books I have written started as ghostwriting projects. However, the relationship between myself and my client and the project developed to the extent that they either insisted my name appear next to theirs or the book became a true collaboration.
True collaboration can be where the author and the ghostwriter jointly take the risk and reward. In general, ghostwriters will only enter into such arrangements on high-profile books where the book has significant potential or is on a topic of particular interest to the ghostwriter.

Why hire me?

“After working with Mike on my first book Professional Corporations – The Secret to Success in 2003 I went back and asked him to help me update it and work on my second book The Financial Navigator. After my experience with the first book I went back because of Mike’s handling of the entire project. From concept development to ghost writing and printing Mike ensured the highest quality product. I’m proud to be associated with Mike and  would recommend him to anyone who wants to get the most from their publication.” Tim Paziuk: Author of Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success, and The Financial Navigator.

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