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What People Say About My Work

My book, A Million Times We Cry: A Memoir of Loss, Grief, Depression, and Ultimately Hope would not have been possible without Mike Wicks, who encouraged me to open the trunk and have Katie video me going through Clinton’s possessions. I’m eternally grateful to Mike for his unlimited patience and his ability to listen, understand, and transcribe my meandering thoughts into something I am proud of and which accurately tells my story. He was a close confidant, life coach, writing coach, and friend. After more than two years of working together, I don’t think anyone knows me better.

Stacey Wempe

Mike Wicks is a true professional and a pleasure to collaborate with on multiple levels. Responsive, dedicated, talented, and always receptive to feedback, Mike is one of my favorite writers to work with. One of our recent projects with Mike sold to Harper Collins for a mid-six-figure deal and looks as if it will become a NYT bestseller. What impressed me most with Mike’s work on that book was his willingness to make revisions as needed (which were often extensive) as well as his flexibility—traveling to Naples (Florida) and upstate New York on multiple occasions for extended periods of time to ensure the author was happy with the process. He’s also a great team player and I never worry about any project when Mike is the lead.

Kevin Anderson, Kevin Anderson, and Associates, New York.

I hired Mike Wicks as a ghostwriter, but he ended up being so much more. He became a friend and colleague and guided me through the book publication process. He has become a champion for my book, helping me connect with the right professionals and better understand the publishing industry’s expectations of me.” 

Darryl Stickel (Author: Building Trust, Exceptional Leadership in an Uncertain World).

 “Mike Wicks’ commitment and passion for the project were inspiring. His contribution to the content and his ability to find my voice helped make the book both readable and accessible.”

Tom Golisano (Bestselling Author: Built Not Born: A Self-Made Billionaire’s No-Nonsense Guide for Entrepreneurs, Harper Collins Leadership, 2019).

“Mike listened to me talk about my life for hundreds of hours and was able to accurately transpose my words and thoughts to the written page. His commitment to helping me find my “voice” and tell my story was invaluable.”

Tom Golisano (Author: The Italian Kid Did It, Harper Collins, 2021).

“I cannot thank Mike enough for bringing an otherwise dull and predictable book on practice transition to life with his writing style and stories. It is fantastic to work with him.” 

Manfred Purtzki (Author: The Simple Guide to Selling Your Dental Practice For More Money).

I have read many books about the last months of WW2 in the Pacific because my father served his country there for 10 months. I am researching all I can about those flyboys and their B 29s. This book gave me a different perspective than I have found in other books on the topic of the bombers stationed in the Marianas. I loved this book. It is 3 dimensional–Herb’s 1945 diary, his reflections about his experiences 60 odd years later, and his son’s research on the topic. The book gave me personal details that I haven’t found in other memoirs from Guam. For example, the “Short-Snorter’s” society, the Caterpillar Club, and the Golden Dragon, ruler of the 180th meridian. (enticing, right?) A lot of your questions will be answered in this book if you really want to know all about the incredible missions over Japan in 1945.

Amazon Buyer

“After working with Mike on my first book Professional Corporations – The Secret to Success in 2003 I went back and asked him to help me update it and work on my second book The Financial Navigator. After my experience with the first book I went back because of Mike’s handling of the entire project. From concept development to ghost writing and printing Mike ensured the highest quality product. I’m proud to be associated with Mike  and would recommend him to anyone who wants to get the most from their publication.”

Tim Paziuk: Author of Professional Corporations: The Secret to Success, and The Financial Navigator

“I have worked with Mike since 2004 on a wide range of projects and have always found him honest, hard-working, creative and dedicated to just doing it right. He puts his clients first and works hard to give them exactly what they want and need. At the same time, he uses his considerable experience and skills to help guide them toward decisions that are best for them and their company. As a writer, especially when ghostwriting, his lack of ego about his writing is a great asset to his clients.”

Tom Spetter, Tom Spetter Design

“History is so often a cold recounting of facts and figures on a national or international scale. ‘Fire From The Sky’ brings history to life at the personal level. This is a great read! ‘A Diary Over Japan’ is an enlightening revelation of a young man-boy’s experience documented in his personal diary.”

Nels Running Major General, USAF (Ret).

“I salute you for your contribution to Pacific WWII history. I was a member of that B-29 team and you’ve rewound history… Fire From The Sky is an outstanding work that gives you the true heartbeat of that unprecedented time in our history … Nothing beats that diary venue. You are there. It’s fresh and not covered or exaggerated by the pruning knife of time.”

Jim B Smith (B-29 Radio operator of the Boomerang and author of the Last Mission).

As an avid reader of military history, I found Fire From The Sky: A Diary Over Japan to be both a treasure-trove of information and a stirring–and often startling–look at the air war over Japan in World War II. What comes across in this book is not only the dedication and heroism of a B-29 bomber crew but also the harrowing circumstances of life and death in the air. Truly a remarkable book, told by a remarkable Everyman who found himself with a job to do that now, in the light of the passage of time, seems like an incredible and mind-boggling achievement. This book richly deserves its Silver Medal Award.

New York Times bestselling author Robert McCammon

“Very good writer with loads of great ideas, excellent research skills, and a delightful sense of humour. Mike is a pleasure to work with.”

Carolyn Camillieri (Editor and Writer)

“I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You just seem to “get” the relationship thing, and how beneficial loyalty can be to all parties. Also your openness, honesty and transparency virtues serve you well.”

Gerhard Aichelberger (Printsmith Group)

“Mike is an excellent “people manager” and has dynamic ideas. Not only that, his sense of humor and true interest in people make him a creative thinker who can “move” ideas to finished products very smoothly and efficiently.”

Robert McCammon (New York Times bestselling author)

“Mike is great. He is always positive, open to new ideas, writes well, and is also a very good speaker.”

Georgina Camillieri (Publisher, Page One Publishing)

“Mike’s experience as a writer both on and offline is second to none.”

John Espley (Director of Marketing and Communications, Accent Inns).