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Writing and Publishing Consulting

From concept to delivered books

How Can I Help?

Confused by all the publishing options?

My background as a mainstream and custom book publisher can provide you with a wealth of inside information and guidance on everything from self-publishing to approaching a publishing house or an agent.

If all you need are the pros and cons of each option, call me and we can discuss what might be the best route for your specific situation.

Conceptualizing your book

One of the toughest things to do, other than to actually write your book, is come up with a thematic approach and layout the table of contents. I’m an expert at this and can work with you to help develop a framework that will make it easier to populate your publication with all those words flying about in your head and in your draft manuscript.

Ongoing feedback

Once you start writing your book, you will constantly hear an internal voice asking:

  • “Is it any good?”
  • “Am I on the right track?”
  • “Am I missing something?”
  • “Does it make sense?”
  • “Does it flow?”

That’s what I’m here for! I’m not like your friends who don’t want to hurt your feelings – I’ll tell it as it is, the professional perspective warts and all. And, if it’s not good I’ll help you fix it.


Not everyone is a born researcher. If you need help in ferreting out information, call me and I can either help you myself or recommend someone who can.


As your consultant I can help you find the best fit for you, should you require the services of a ghostwriter. Now, of course, I’d like to help you myself, but I know my limitations and I only ghostwrite non-fiction books. Even in non-fiction, there are areas beyond my direct experience, or where you would benefit more from someone else. As a long-standing member of the Association of Ghostwriters, I know a great many highly talented writers and can personally introduce you to an experienced, professional writer.

Book Design

If you put thousands of hours of work into your book, you will want it professionally designed. There are many options to consider, from doing it yourself or using a template to hiring a professional designer. I can guide you through the many pitfalls and guide you safely to a finished product that looks as professional as it is well-written.


This is an area where many people get confused and make poorly informed and sometimes costly decisions. For instance:

  • Are all digital print machines basically the same?
  • Do the jackets of all digitally produced books curl up?
  • Is full press only for large print runs?
  • What’s the difference between staple stitched, perfect bound, and sewn?

Call me, you have far more options than you might think.


There are a lot of options when considering publishing in eBook format. I can help you make sense of the electronic publishing world.

  • eBooks – are they taking over? No!
  • Isn’t everyone reading electronically now? No!
  • Are they a good idea? Maybe, and yes in certain circumstances.

General Inquiries

When you need help with your book, from conceptualizing it to picking up the Giller prize, call on me. I have over 40-years of publishing and writing experience. Oh, and I don’t bite – honest!

Free Consultation

Please take advantage of my free 20-minute telephone or Zoom consultation by completing the form on the contact page and briefly telling me what you need help with.