Freelance WritingArticles and Copywriting

Are people talking about your company, its products, and services? Are there magazines, e-zines, or other publications that could feature a story about what you sell or the way you operate? As you know, the value of one editorial comment is worth more than a dozen advertisements.

Have you a story to tell, a philosophy to propound, or a technological breakthrough to announce? No, then let my creativity loose on your challenge. For example, I once created a soap opera column for a renovation company; it was about two psycho cats who harassed a homeowner trying to renovate his house. Potential customers were calling my client’s office to find out what happened next!

Let me provide you with imaginative copy to promote your company including magazine articles, newspaper, and trade magazine columns, and promotional editorials.

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Blog Posts

Is your blog up to date? If it isn’t, it could be doing your company more harm than good. An entertaining, current, relevant blog will keep people coming back – it will develop a following.

But, it has to be readable, accessible, and informative. For example, I have written hundreds of posts for a hotel chain that focused on everything from best places to kiss to fat bikes and rubber ducks. These posts drew people to their website and increased room bookings.

Call me and we can discuss how to bring your blog back to life.

Corporate Writing

A blank sheet of paper and a deadline – what could be more frightening? Many people find that blank piece of paper just as tough to conquer as the highest mountain – and when filled with just¬†the right words it’s just as impressive.

I can handle all your corporate writing needs, from business plans to corporate histories and from proposals to creative editorials; from manuals to financial sustainability strategies and from annual general reports to web copy and blogs.

When you need the impact of a thousand words in a mere phrase, let me know and I’ll be there for you!