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6 Reasons to Hire Someone to Write Your Blog Posts

By July 31, 2017Blogging

Before we begin, a disclaimer – I have a vested interest – I’m a ghostwriter and I ghostwrite blog posts. And books, and a whole bunch of other stuff – basically I write it and my client takes the credit, it’s that easy. But, please read on as I think I can make a good case for hiring a professional writer. It doesn’t have to be me – honest!

First, everyone thinks they’re a writer – hey it’s easy, isn’t it? Well yes, if you had a reasonably good education you can probably write as well as I can build a chair using the skills I learned in woodworking class when I was a teenager. But, is that enough to encourage people to read what you write and come back time and time again to your blog for more?

Second, even if you really are a great writer, do you have time to focus on writing instead of running your business, or handling other marketing responsibilities? If you have a blog, you have to keep up with it, but inevitably you get busy and weeks slip by and your blog begins to look forlorn and forgotten. At that point, it’s doing you more harm than good.

That’s where a professional ghostwriter can help. They do all the work and then fade into the background, while you take all the credit.

Why hire a professional writer?

  1. Ghostwriters save you time and make you look good. Can’t say fairer than that!
  2. Professional writers write engaging, interesting, accessible, well-researched and well-written posts.
  3. Outsourcing writing to an expert, guarantees your blog is current. Post regularly – consistency is important!
  4. A good ‘ghost’ will generate a list of relevant, interesting topics based on comprehensive research.
  5. Ghostwriters target posts correctly. Are you promoting, yourself, your company, your expertise, your product? Are you educating your potential market, or using entertaining, relevant posts simply to attract people to your website?
  6. Professional writers make your posts SEO-friendly and increase website traffic, and ultimately orders!

I can’t tell you how many blogs I come across that haven’t been touched in months, sometimes years. How do you think that makes the company look? The reason is, most owners, and even marketing departments are too busy to keep up with a serious blog. Do you do your own plumbing, wiring, window-cleaning, bookkeeping? No? Then why write your own blog posts?